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Key Features

Beat The Clock

To play, correctly answer 10 questions within 10 seconds each and win $10,000.

Sweet Prizes

Take 10 is the ultimate trivia experience where you can beat the clock with your trivia knowledge to win cash and prizes.

Answer trivia questions and brainteasers from a variety of categories including: entertainment, celebrities, movies, math, science, history and more.

Fun Categories



What is Take 10? Why should I choose to play?

Take 10 Trivia is a trivia mobile app that allows you to win cash and prizes for your trivia knowledge. You can unlimitedly play anytime and win $10,000 and smaller daily prizes.

How do I win money?

You win $10,000 after answering all 10 questions correctly in under 10 seconds each.

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

Do I get paid for each question?

Unfortunately, while we're proud of your freaky fast trivia knowledge, you only win cash after answering all 10 questions correctly.

What type of trivia questions are on Take10?

We have a variety of trivia from general knowledge, sports, movies, science, math and many more.

How do I claim my prize?

Once you win the grand prize or one of the daily random prizes, you will be notified from our support team to the email address that you registered with.

How can I contact Take 10 Trivia?

You can contact us by using the Contact Us form on this website.

How many times can I play? How many times can I win cash or prizes?

You can both play and win an unlimited amount of times.

Is there a PC version of Take 10 Trivia?

No, we do not have a PC version at this time.

In what countries is Take 10 Trivia available?

The app is currently available for play in the United States and US territories.

How can I get Power Ups?

Power Ups can be earned from invites, promotions, giveaways and can be acquired from the in app store.

What’s a Power Up?

A Power Up is used to redeem Take 10 items from the online store and can be used to “Power Up” questions during game play. Power Ups can also be used to make a donation to one of our selected chariities.


Contact Us

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